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How it works

Kitsch Player works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later.

At startup, it randomly chooses music to occupy 11 "stations." Rotate the dial to tune into one of the stations. On each station you'll find music from a particular playlist, genre, artist or album. True to the radio listening experience, soft static offers a smooth transition between stations and the stations will start in mid-song.

The music will continue to play while the app is in the background, and will work with remote control headphones and devices.

iPhone and iPod touch users: Choose from four different designs to remind you of your favorite radio listening decade! Swipe the lower part of the screen to move from one design to the next.

iPad users: Channel buttons allow you to save your five favorite musical selections. Long press one of the five channel buttons to select a playlist, genre, artist or album. Tap to go immediately to that station.

Kitsch Player does NOT play actual FM/AM radio, it does NOT stream internet radio or iTunes Radio, and it does NOT add music to your music library. It plays only the music that is in your device's music library.

Music is played according to groupings of playlist, genre, artist or album. If a station has grouped music by genre (let's say Classis Rock) it will play all of your music in that genre as identified in iTunes. After a station has played all of the music in Classic Rock, it will continue playing music by randomly building another station playlist.

Kitsch Player was made at Ham Again LLC, a small design and development operation extolling the virtues of radio listening and reduced functionality.

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